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Questions from people who have purchased Our Product

Q: Do the magnetic locks work on drawers as well?

A: Yes, they work on most drawers.

Q: Can I use the strap locks on the oven door?

A: Yes, Just do not install them under the heat release.

Q: What types of cabinets can I install the strap locks on?

A: You can baby proof just about any type surface cabinet.

Q: Can the magnetic locks be used on closet doors?

A: No, not effectively. I would suggest using the strap locks instead.

Q: Are the corner guard cushions made of foam?

A: No, they are made from high-quality silicone that is baby safe.

Q: Is there any screws that I have to use to install these products?

A: No, both the cabinet strap locks and magnetic cabinet locks install using an industrial strength adhesive.

Q: Can I remove the locks when I am finished with them?

A: Yes, simply use a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive for removal.

Q: Can I use the strap locks as a toilet lock?

A: Yes they can be used as a toilet lock, just be sure to apply them to surface that is dry.

Q: Are the child proofing magnetic locks effective for a medicine cabinet?

A: As with any child proofing product you should always have them way out of reach, but as an extra precautionary YES they would perfect for this.

Q: How long do I let the cabinet locks or corner guards cure for?

A: Any adhesive baby proofing product needs 24 to cure and fully adhere to the surface.

Q: Can I use the strap locks on my garbage can?

A: Yes, it will work on and metal and some plastics that do not have a lot of oil in them.

Q: Does Baby Houdini Strap locks work on a refrigerator?

A: Yes they do.

Q: I am new to baby proofing, should I put the corner guards on the top and bottom of my table?

A: I would, as little ones often are at the level where they can hit their head underneath the table.

Q: Which lock would you suggest for china cabinet doors?

A: You could use either the Magnetic cabinet locks or the strap locks.

Q: Do I need any tools or screws to install the locks.

A: No, baby Houdini locks are ‘no tools or screws’ installation, so there is no damage to your cabinets or drawers.

Q: Can the strap locks be used for my medicine cabinet?

A: Yes, they will give you peace of mind knowing there is no danger to your baby.

Q: Do the corner guards work for coffee tables and end tables too?

A: Yes, they will work on any corner surface you need to protect your baby from.

Q: I have a dresser that is wood, will the strap locks work on it?

A: Yes the strap locks adhere to wood, laminate, ceramic tile, stainless steel and all metals.

Q: My strap lock did not stick to my drawer, what did I do wrong?

A: Check that the surface it was applied to was thoroughly cleaned and free of any grease or debris. After that, if the lock is going around in the corner we have found that the winter months and colder temperatures that using a hair dryer to warm the center of the strap up helps from it to the corner. If you are re-installing make sure you remove the old adhesive from the lock, again with a hairdryer. Then apply a fresh adhesive (included in the package) to re-install. Also, make sure not to touch the adhesive once the paper is pulled off, as the oil in our skin will cause it not to stick properly. After installed let the lock cure for 24 hours, meaning don’t touch it, open it or pull on it.

Q: What all comes in the magnetic lock set?

A: You will receive magnetic locks, receptors, magnetic key and key holder, adhesives, and an installation instruction sheet. The quantity of these items will depend upon which set you order. We currently have 4, 6, 8, and 10 piece sets.

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